Detouring around the road block

I haven’t blogged in a little while, actually haven’t written anything in a few months because I got detoured. The detour took me off to crafting and redoing things around my house, but my biggest road block came at the point in my current WIP where I had to write a scene that caused major pain and confusion for my heroine. I couldn’t decide which direction to go next and she wasn’t offering me any signs to point me in the right directions. In fact, she just kind of bottles up everything that was happening and left me sitting with my fingers on the keypad in dismay! Oh, how I hate it when they’re running around in my head begging for their story to be told and then when I hit a hard spot in their life they expect me to figure it out! The film strip started to melt before my eyes as I , too, got a little lost.

It’s taken the past few months of mulling over possible paths to finally realize it was there all along, I just had to pry it out and put some of me, my feelings, in the film to get the scene rolling again. it’s a tough conflict for her to surpass and since I’ve never experienced it, myself, I had to internalize some of the damage I had done to understand how it might come out. I’m not sure I’m heading in the right direction yet, I went left and she may well decide I should have gone straight ahead, but it’s finally going back down a road to some where.

Writing scenes that have no real place in your life can become overwhelming at times as you try to understand all the ways it impacts someone’s life and their story but you have to walk that dark, unknown, scary road to grow and explore the possibilities!