Funny how we get wind of a possible storm and some us prepare ahead of time. I’m on of those of people. Food was bought mid week, bottles were filled with water the same day, and the clean up of outdoor furniture for winter was finished before Friday. Now it’s just a wait and see game. But, isn’t being ready part of our daily lives? It excites us, gets our heart pumping and our blood coursing through our veins with a bring it on attitude! I’ve got this!!

     You spend most of your days getting ready for work, dinner, plans for the evening and so many other mundane things. As a writer this becomes part of you daily routine when it comes your characters, settings and time periods. I have a closet filled with containers of books: history books, clothing books and how to write books just as a beginning. Reading needs to become part of a daily routine so you can live what you’re writing. You need to feel like your in the 13C Scotland if that’s your time period. You should feel at home, speak the language or dialect, adore the clothes, and in some way, wish you could have actually been there!

     I think if you feel a connection or kinship with what you’re writing you infuse your work with feelings. A wish, if you will, of actually living that life for just a moment in time. Your preparation is huge part of feeling your work. Researching you subject, watching movies or shows concerning a time period or theme, and infusing some of it into your life helps you feel closer to what your writing. My office is filled with castles, swords, plaids and odds and ends that, for me, make me feel closer to Scotland. It’s my muse when I’m stuck on a page my head can’t figure it out. I look around the room and think about the time period and how the castle may have felt in winter, or how heavy carrying that sword would have been after traveling for hours. Could my heroine have really felt the way she did wearing that heavy plaid or encumbered by so many clothes? What would that food smell like cooking on an open fire instead of the oven and how would the scents smell as your feet shuffled through the fresh rushes on the floors.

    Its those preparations you take everyday to keep your life on track that will add a little reality to work. The knowledge that your ready is a viable, powerful feeling that infuses your life with confidence.


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