Author Pages

   I’m slowly learning to navigate promoting a book you wrote, edited and published yourself. It is, I’ve found, a learning process unto itself. The avenues open to writers are vast but thus far Amazon has been the easiest to learn, for me anyway.

     I’ve started a website throw Weebly and have begun loading some things on there, but I have a lot to learn about HTML and file transfers before I can produce a fairly educated page. But, it’s all part of this process.

    While many days you can my nose buried in a book about Scottish history, mediaeval clothing or food, or just brushing up on slang you can now also find my buried in webpages that try to explain to the novice, me, how to make a good webpage. Oh, what we try to understand and learn for our crafts.

    On the upside though, I now have 122 pages written of Where My Heart Lies and my heroine, Rhiannon, is finally coming to realize there aren’t many options concerning her father’s life! A little teaser, if you will, about what she facing and how her feelings will come into play when the hero, Ian, finally concedes to the only option. And that option will, in many ways, bring closure to this Scottish Historical Romance.

HAHA sorry can’t give more a way than that!


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