Harvest time

   It’ that wonderful time of year when people are harvesting the last of their crops or the brilliant orange pumpkins that scream Fall in our minds. But, this is also a good time of year to look back on your work and see what progress you’ve made. I don’t care if you’re a new writer or a seasoned writer you still learned something this year.

    For me this year has been about seeing my first book, which I know needed some work, up for sale and getting feedback on it. It some how makes my progress a little more viable, real to the touch because I have work to measure my new book by. I can see the improvements, feel the difference in my characters and see how my scenes flow. I was excited about the first book, probably too much so in hindsight, but it’s out there and now I can only strive to write better.

     As I write this, and look back over the past year, I have solid proof that my work has improved, I’ve grown as a person hence as a writer!! I’m sharing my work with a few people who are giving me honest feedback, thoughts and improvements I can completely mold into this book and produce something better the first book. A goal we should all strive to do, no matter the arena we work in. The object of a career is always to grow, mature and move forward. My reason for looking back and taking note of what I’ve learned is how best to place these things into my characters lives, their scenes and the descriptions that I hope will draw readers into a world of make believe, forget their worlds as they become engrossed in mine and, in the end, close the book with a feeling of satisfaction. I want my work to be worth their time!!!