Taking a break

     Sometimes you put your work on the back burner, not always by choice, but out of necessity. It’s not writer’s block I’m dealing with, it’s life in general and all that it encompasses. Too many things happening, too much that requires my attention, and too many ‘I want to do’s’ that converge in the warm months of the year.

     Time has a way of forcing us into the odd and end things we can only do when it’s warm. Yes, I want to be out on the motorcycle all weekend, spend the weekend mornings floating in the pool without a care in the world and the weeds, well they call my name every day but I’ve learned to ignore them more and more. The important thing is having fun, relaxing and creating new memories over these months, not pulling crap out of the garden every day!! Yet someone has to do it at some point. Weed Begone here I come!!

     Should I feel guilty for leaving my characters in limbo for a few months? NO! They survive in my head and as time allows I will write a paragraph or even a page when an idea strikes me. They still yank my cord at in opportune times to remind me their dance is in a holding pattern and they are ready for the next act. I, now, have pages of thoughts or scenes, if you will, filled with starting points to continue on with. Snippets of scenes that will unfold into pages of ups and downs for them to contend with through out my book.

     But, the breaks offer a much needed respite from plotting scenes ever day, digging up facts to use and editing pages that you thought were perfect when you wrote them! Ah, yes the joys of going back and thinking, “What the hell was I trying accomplish here?”.

     The breaks add another dimension to your work if you sit back, recall your down time,  how you used it and most importantly reflect on the feelings you shared with people during those moments. You can draw on the love, the disappointment, the joy of a new experience or friend, and just the shear joy of living life. After all your characters life lives through your experience, no one else’s, so imbue all your experiences into their life so a reader will feel what the characters feel, sense and live their life about!