What we left behind

I spent the last two days going through new insurance options, including life insurance, at the new job. Besides the brain numbing choices of how much it will cost, who is in network and the mounds of paperwork just to say “yes I want it”, it always raises questions.

As a writer I wonder what I will leave behind with my work. Every thing we write is in some way a direct reflection of how we feel, what we think or, I hope, what we dare to dream about. Do we impart this in our work enough that generations of family born after we’ve long left this realm will have an inkling of who we were and how the world shaped us?

Some books, or stories, are timeless and the message they impart is completely tangible to any generation, but as an historical romance writer I share my thoughts, ideals, and dreams about romance with a spattering of history thrown in. No real big ahha moments in there, just, what I hope are moments for people to escape into a land I created and enjoy their time there.

I guess the goal, for me, is to create a piece of work that will leave a lasting impression about a dream world I created for other people to live in for a short time. But, I think for any writer of any genre we have to just aim for our best work and hope that if someone picks up our book in a hundred years they can view it as a testament to the time the author lived and know those bits of paper with the fancy covers are inherit thoughts that once feed the imagination of someone so devoted to their work they took the time to leave it behind for someone else.


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