sprinkle of this or that

No matter what you’re writing you always hear or see some thing you’d like to add but can’t figure out how to do it right. One of my perfect examples of this involves an old boyfriend who continually tried to undo my zipper. After all the no’s and getting to that “not so mad” point I began to keep count and throw it back at him. It became a running joke between us and eventually one of those things I look back on fondly. A memory I share with one other person, that, at the time, had so many emotions attached to it.

I wonder all the time how a can use this in my writing but since I write historical romance zippers were not invented yet, and the fact that things move faster leaves the option less then appealing.In the space of a romance this would take too much time to make it a ‘cute addition, but perhaps there’s a way to sprinkle part of it into a story?

Life hands us these little things we have done through our lives as a memory we cherish and can maybe share in our work in some small way. We, as the ones who lived it, remember how it made us feel, what it smelled like, tasted like or looked like so we can give our readers a real sense of how it happened. These memories add a flavor to you work that your reader can almost imagine happening in their life. Sprinkle it in here and there, add a little flavor to your pages and spice up your characters lives with pieces of your history.