Learning Curves

I have to admit, like most writers that there was a learning curve that I tend to look back on from time to time. So many pages litter my desks nooks and crannies filled with POV jarring scenes. But, as I read through these pages I remember the excitement of putting words to paper, the thrill of finding the right words to convey my thoughts and the joy of seeing it all in front of me. Even though, at times, it only made sense to me.

I keep it all, in binders, on disks or jump drives and some on the pc I use on a regular basis. It stands as a reminder of what I’ve a learned, how I’ve grown and where I’m focused on getting to. It’s also inspiration, some it has some really good thoughts and turns of phrases that make me want to go back and rework the whole piece. Maybe, some day I will. They were my learning curve as I tried to figure out how to write a story that made sense, kept a person’s interest and tried to understand the whole game of writing.

We all have learning curves we face on our path, it shows us the winding the roads we traveled that eventually meet up at the intersection of,”ah ha now it’s starting to click”. That’s the road sign that points to making a creative, interesting career from something you love to do.