Pitching ideas to shine

As those who read this know, I’ve been trying to figure out ways self promote my work. Blogging is clearly one of the most effective ways, but building the momentum of a readership for the blog is a whole new ball game. I can pitch my thoughts and ideas out into the cyber world on a daily basis but until I hit the right audience with the right information, I’m hitting fouls into the left sidelines.

Research has shown that having your blog linked to several bases, including your home page, will help build your readership. I’ve made three choices thus far: 1st base is, of course, my author website www.lisabelliott.weebly.com , my 2nd base is here on www.wordpress.com where blogging has become a way of life for many, and 3rd base is www.Goodreads.com where authors and readers mingle to share reviews and promote their books. Each site, in their own right, has hit homeruns with readers and writers, alike.

I think these 3 are a good start for bloggers, and linking all together so they each have the latest blog updates to share is the smoothest way to follow a blogger around their bases. It allows a reader to go back and read a blog they may have missed and gives your readers a chance to see what your trying to pitch into the world, your own home series if you will. It takes time to build a following, but once you do remember they will expect to see your best game every week!


Turning the tricks

I’m now writing for the page examiner.com. Writing is such a competitive arena that you need to “turn tricks” and get yourself in front of as many people as possible. I find it’s all about developing a following, and getting those same people to keep coming back for more. It’s about enticing them with your personality, your style and the way you present you. But mostly it’s about pimping what you do, why you do it and getting them to pay for your services.

Yes, it’s a strange comparison but in reality everything we do, our job, our marriage, raising our kids is always about wanting to make sure people come back for more. So it’s pimping your self!

You can find me on Amazon with my historical romances, examiner. com is where I share and write about my crafting techniques and ideas, Facebook is where the real me hangs out and shares life’s daily grind, and Tweeter is where I share little idiotism’s about writing. I’m pimping me all over the net so people will one day remember my work. Now if I can figure out how to make a living at it!

Self Publishing

I recently entered the bold new world of self publishing. Yes it’s a little daunting trying to figure how to format your work, create your own cover and upload to all the different sites available to us. But, I’ve found the hardest part is navigating the world of promoting your work, getting people to give you a shot, and figuring out whether your work is actually worthy of being published.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you put your heart and soul into something it’s worth putting it out there. But, there’s certainly a part of you that would like some acknowledgement from people concerning your work. Did they enjoy it? Did they think you have some talent, that maybe just needs honed some? Would they like to see more of your work? All valid questions that we, at least I do, want answered in some form.

So my hope is that if you read this go read a new, self published author that doesn’t have the benefit of a publicist, agency or author house to get reviews for their work that you please leave a comment, even if they need work. Be constructive for the author, point out the good and suggest where they might improve. It is, after all, the only way we will learn.

Kindle Lending

My first self published book, My Lady Knight, is available in the new Kindle Lending Library. Check it out and see how a young lass, determined to be a knight, learns about fighting, secrets, loss of a man who was much more than a friend, and how she discovers love in the midst of growing. She’s strong willed, and more determined than the Laird of the Cearr clan ever thought possible in a lass. Oh, how Kenna turns his life upside down!!

Kindle prime lending

I recently added both my books, My Lady Knight and A Knight’s Revenge to Amazon’s lending library. I like the idea of people being able to borrow a book, and hopefully give them a chance to try my work. It affords all of us self published authors a chance to gain an audience, recognition and hopefully develop a following for our work.

All this makes me wonder about what or how my grandchildren will access things! Will there be a brick and mortar building for them to sit and chat in? Will they ever know the aggravation of trying to figure out the Dewey Decimal system, I hope not, that always confused me. But, they also won’t have those nights where they can say they’re going to library and actually end up at the local burger joint. Remember those? It was a right of passage to tell a lil white lie. Part of being a teenager.

Our electronics have made so many things available to us, for me the chance to self publish and create something I’ve aimed for in life, but there are loses that we can’t replace for our kids and grandkids. Sometimes technology takes away the best parts of youth!